Meet Our Staff




Kim Schmuecker

Ms. Kim.jpg

Title: Director


Building Phone Number: 425-1540

Length of Time at Montessori: Owner / Director 1997 to present

Education: Bachelor of Science in Education, Arkansas State University Jonesboro

Interests: Family; Preschool Education; Aerobics; Weight Training
Nicole Bain
Teacher: Purple class
Building number: 870-425-0882

Time at Montessori: June 2015

Education: High School Diploma

Hobbies: Teaching
Patricia Morgan

Blue Class

Building Number: 870-425-0882

Length of time at Montessori: October of 2006 to present

Education: Graduated from Corona Christian High School in Corona, California and 2 years at ASUMH

Interest: I enjoy spending time with my Family, weather it be going fishing ,camping, nature walks, playing cards or board games and cheering my oldest on at her volleyball games.

Vicky Wolf

Teacher: Gold Class

Building Phone Number: (870) 425-1540

Length of Time at Montessori: 1987 to present

Education: Norfork High School

Interests: Gardening, basketball, softball, and volleyball

Dorothy Stephens
dorothy.jpgTeacher: White class

Classroom: Toddler Room

Ages: 18 months - 2 1/2 years

Building Phone Number: (870) 425-0882

Length of Time at Montessori: April 2006 to present

Education: NACC 2 years. Sir Francis Drake High School, San Anseleo, California.

Interests: Gardening, reading, and walking.

Teresa Poush
Teacher: Red Class
Time at Montessori: 2007 to present
Education: Graduate of Cardinal High School Eldon Iowa
Hobbies: Riding Horses, watching my kids in sports, spending time with my family.

Amanda Hafer
Teacher: Gold ClassAmanda.jpg
Time at Montessori: 2006 to present
Education: ASUMH, ATT degree 

Hobbies: Cooking, playing with my son, crocheting & reading                                      

Haley Burgess
Teacher: Children's House
Time at Montessori: December 2016 to Present
Education: Attending ASUMH for Early childhood education
Hobbies: Babysitting, running, hiking/exploring outdoors, spending time with family & friends & playing with my cat & dog
Marli DavisMarli.jpg
Teacher: Red Class
Time at Montessori: October 2017 to Present
Education: High school Graduate of Yellville /summit
Hobbies: Crafts, spending time with family
Lauren Thornwall         Lauren.jpg                           
Teacher: Purple Class
Time at Montessori: August 2018 to Present
Education: Biblical & missions 2 year diploma and i have been involved in the childcare profession for over 5 years and took introduction to childcare classes in Wisconsin
Hobbies: I love to sing and act, be outdoors, go on long walks, leading worship at church and spending time with my husband and son



Grace Calderwood           grace.jpg                         
Teacher: White Class
Time at Montessori: August 2018 to Present
Education: Pursuing Business Operation 
Hobbies: Reading, Hiking, Swimming and organizing



Samantha Smith    Sam.jpg                                
Teacher: Aqua/Green Group
Time at Montessori: 2011 to present
Education: High School diploma Mountain Home High School
Hobbies: I love teaching, reading, hiking, pressing flowers and hanging out with my friends and family.

Jillian Reed    Jullian.png
Teacher: Children's House
Time at Montessori: August 2018 to present.

Education: I graduated Mountain Home High School in May 2018. And I started freshman year at ASUMH college in August 2018.
Hobbies: I like drawing, spending time outdoors, playing my trumpet, and being with friends and family.

 Samantha Bray   
  samantha bray.jpg
Teacher: Main Building
Time at Montessori: July 2018 to present.

Education: Getting my associates in Early childhood development.
Hobbies: Traveling and spending time with my family.

 Leah Hebert   leah.jpg
 Teacher: Main Building
Time at Montessori: August 2018 to present.

Education: Senior at Mountain Home High School
Hobbies: Being in Color guard,band, reading, exploring and spending time with family and friends.

 Victoria Thacker    victoria.jpg
 Teacher: Children's House
Time at Montessori: August 2018 to present.

Education: Attending ASUMH for Early Childhood Education 
Hobbies: Swimming, Camping, going on spontaneous trips, spending time with family and friends, Doing crafts, and Drawing.

Kristen Crawford Trivitt
 Teacher: Children's House
Time at Montessori: June 2019 to present.

Education: Bachelor's in Management & Marketing@ Astate
Hobbies: Hiking With my daughter & dogs and baking

Natalie Dennis   Natalie.jpeg
 Teacher: Children's House
Time at Montessori: February 2018 to present.

Education: Senior at Mountain Home High School
Hobbies: Drawing, Dancing, Spending time with friends and family and traveling

Sidney Quarles   sidney.jpeg
 Teacher: Main Building
Time at Montessori: June 2018 to present.

Education: Senior at Mountain Home High School
Hobbies: photography, exercising & crocheting